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March Research and News

March Research and News

We combed through multiple medical journals looking for the latest research on Integrative approach to kidney health. We know your time is valuable so we curated and summarized these studies for you. Welcome to the InKidney March Research and News. Air pollution is linked to kidney disease PM 2.5  refers to particulate matters that are up to 2.5…

Pictures of kidney stones with the gut in the background depicting the relationship between microbiome and kidney stone

The Microbiome and Kidney Stone Formation

This blog is part of a series discussing our integrative approach to kidney stone prevention and management. In this blog we will focus on the microbiome and kidney stone formation. Kidney stone formation (urolithiasis) is a complex disease influenced by multiple factors including diet, genetics, and environment. They are painful, inconvenient, and when left untreated,…

Gut Repair and Kidney

The 5R Protocol Part 4: Repair

This is part of a series of blogs discussing an individualized comprehensive gut restoration protocol in chronic kidney disease. In this blog, we will talk about gut repair and kidney health. The Gut-Kidney Connection The gut-kidney axis refers to the relationship between gut integrity and microbiome diversity with kidney disease. Excessive intestinal permeability, also known…