Frequently Asked Questions

You can download your raw data report by following the steps listed here (link)

Each gene has two alleles, one from each parent. Having one allele out two containing an abnormal SNP means you are at increased risk but the presence of a normal allele can be protective. However, if both alleles contains abnormal SNPs then the risk will increase significantly.

No, this report just indicates the risk of developing kidney disease. Diagnosing a specific genetic kidney disease requires a different specific gene analysis. Ask your doctor or nephrologist about ordering such a test.

This report will make you aware if you are at increased risk of developing kidney disease. You can have normal laboratory tests and physical exam now but knowing about your genetic risk will provide you an opportunity to modify your lifestyle so that you decrease your chance of kidney disease and failure in the future.

Our report provides an analysis of the currently known SNPs that effect the kidneys. It goes beyond what and other company provides.

No, this information is your private information. You are welcome to share it with your health care provider, but we will not share your information with any third party.