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Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency: Assessment and Management for Better Kidney Health

In part one of this article, “Magnesium and Kidneys,” I discussed the increased prevalence of magnesium deficiency and addressed the question: “Can magnesium help kidney function?” Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It is essential for many biological functions. As I discussed in part one, magnesium is also crucial for kidney…

December Research & News

December Research and News

Once again, we combed through multiple medical journals looking for the latest research on Integrative approach to kidney health. We know your time is valuable so we curated and summarized these studies for you. Welcome to the December edition of InKidney Research and News. Altered vitamin K biodistribution may decrease the benefit of vitamin K2 supplementation in advance CKD In this study,…

Zinc molecules surrounding kidneys

Zinc and Kidney Disease, Exploring the Links

Zinc has been studied for years for its implications in kidney disease. In fact, many researchers have pointed to zinc deficiency as one of the underlying causes of the worsening of kidney disease. We can explore even more upstream and understand some of the factors that result in zinc deficiency in the first place. So…

kidney drugs affecting nutrients

Kidney Associated Drugs-Nutrient Interactions

Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are essential for every structure and function in the human body, including but not limited to the function of the heart, blood vessels, and immune system. Thousands of enzymes in the body require micronutrients for optimal function.  Some medications interact with micronutrients, and micronutrients may interfere with the action of medication….

Vitamin K picture

Vitamin K in Vascular, Kidney and bone Health

Vitamin D gets a lot of attention these days, not only for its roll in bone health, but also due to the multiple health benefits associated with robust levels of circulating vitamin D, specially in kidney disease. However, the role of vitamin K working in tandem with vitamin D often gets overlooked. This blog will focus…