We combed through multiple medical journals looking for the latest research on the Integrative approach to kidney health. We know your time is valuable so we curated and summarized these studies for you. Welcome to Inkidney September Research and News.

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Knowledge Does Not Correspond to Adherence to Renal Diet Restrictions in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Education or knowledge alone is not sufficient to make meaningful lifestyle changes. It is not enough for a patient to meet with a doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist once and be expected to be educated about diet and other modifications.
The researchers in this study proved and concluded that “instruction efforts should go beyond providing nutrient-based diet information, and instead emphasize healthy food patterns and incorporate counseling to promote behavior change.”
In another word, patients need to be educated and coached to achieve better lifestyles and outcomes.
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Apixaban, compared with warfarin, was associated with a lower risk of CKD stage progression

In this study, researchers studied 12,816 patients who received either apixaban or warfarin for non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Apixaban was associated with slower progression of CKD than warfarin. We think that this underlines the role of vitamin K in vascular and kidney health.
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Periodontal disease was associated with incident kidney disease

Researchers studied data from the Hispanic community health study to see if there is any association between periodontal disease and the development of kidney disease.
They found that the presence of ≥30% of sites with probing depth ≥4 mm and absence of functional dentition (<21 permanent teeth present) were each associated with increased risk for incident low eGFR.
Does treating periodontal disease prevent the development and progression of CKD? Research does not have the answer yet but we think so.
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